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Dear Valued Hosted Clients.

Action required within 30 days.

Cyber security risks have increased substantially over the last few months and your website is property you need to protect and maintain.

In an effort to support our hosted clients we will be rolling out an imperative update for PHP on our servers. Once the update has been completed it will improve both speed and security on your hosted accounts.

However, it is important you are aware that any website older than 1 year may be negatively affected with this change and may stop working due to this update. This is because some CMS or complex websites useplug ins or older frameworks. This create risks.

Please ensure you update your core framework of your website as well as any themes. Remember you do get some free development time with our company each year which you can use towards this. Any extra time will need to be quoted for.

You must back up your website now.
If you are unsure if your site needs to be updated, please feel free to contact us in advance to do a check for you. If you don’t want to work with our office on this important improvement, and prefer to move to another hosting company, please make contact so we can accept your transfer ticket. We of course would be very sad to see you go, but security of our servers is imperative.



Please download the appropriate Brief for the package you wish to purchase. Fill out the form then send it to our sales staff at

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All Of Our Staff, From Sales To Developers, Even Our Tea Lady - Are Professionally Trained and Certified From Google For Your Hospitality Digital Marketing And Management Needs. You Can View Our Industry Standard "GAIQ", Or Also Known As The Google Analytics Individual Qualification, And Various Google Adwords, Or Also Known As Google Ads, Certificates - Along With Other Google Certified Digital Marketing Employees From Hospitality Group Ltd Staff On Our Wall Of Fame.

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Sales Line: +1-242-676-8010

* If an operator is not available e-mail



Here you can download the required manual for your system.


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